Day 1 - Boring

On: Saturday, May 17, 2008

First day of summer break is officially done and has been done for 4 hours now lol but here's how it went.

I woke up and drove Demiera to the dorms cuz her mom was picking her up to take her back home to Chicago. I finished packing some things and i went downstairs to talk to some of the guys that were still home from last night (which deserves its own blog entry that i WILL post after this one) from the get together we had at the house. I caught up on all the rumors and gossip (guys gossip alot too) and some of it was pretty damn crazy. Girlfriends tryin to give head to other members of the frat, threesome offers, etc. lol fun night. But anyway i had an appointment with a scheduling counselor at 3 so i went to that and afterwards i drove two of my brothers home to chicago with me. We were crowded as fuck in my car cuz Andrew wanted to bring his whole room in the car! He had more things in the car than i did and its MY car lol Whatever, the trip was fun. Andrew smoked in the car and me and Armando blasted the music. Andrew danced, it was a goOD time. I got home and cleaned up my room. Unpacked some things and i still have some more unpacking to do but im feeling lazy. Tomorrow i have to get up and take that drug test for Pep Boys cuz thats all i need to start working there. I love my new boss. She was like, i dont care how long you wait to take the drug test, just make sure that when you do that you PASS it. Take as much time as you need but i want you to pass this test! lol how cool is she??? I got that job thru my friend Tabitha, who is best friends with Brandi, who is best friends with my big bro David lol See how that works??? Im gettin hooked up too. My boss said that she is going to give me the hours i want and as many as i want. Fa shao!!! Anyway, i was going to blog about the incident at APsi after this post but i think i'll just do it tomorrow. Deuces yall!!!

118 Fa shao!!!

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