Busta - Don't Touch Me Remix

On: Monday, May 26, 2008

No one in the current hip hop climate knows the power of the posse cut like Busta Rhymes. As a member of the Leaders of the New School early in his career, Busta made a name for himself as a solo artist by completely destroying any posse cut he landed on (including the completely classic verse on Scenario). Therefore, it is not surprising that at this point in his career Busta chooses to help usher in the new posse cut renaissance disguised as the remix. The original version of "Don’t Touch Me" is what you would expect from Busta, an energetic lyrical rant over minimalist jungle drums. The remix breathes new life into the track by giving each artist on it a chance to reinterpret the song. Everyone holds their own here but Lil Wayne turns the beat into a drug induced playground as hip rips the track in half and Nas sounds about 10 years younger as the track seems to re-energize him. Also, it is always great to hear one of the originators of the posse cut Big Daddy Kane. -- HYPEBEAST

118 You dont want it wit me

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