BAPE is back

On: Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bape's 2008 Spring/Summer collection and its May 17th releases will include the following from the well known Japanese streetwear brand. Several of Bape's iconic designs and logos undergo a series of different prints from camo to plaid. The weekend drop will also include various accessories including Bape towels, earrings, rings and watches. -- HYPEBEAST

Here's the address yall:
Bape Hong Kong

#10 Ground Floor
Queens Road, Central
Hong Kong

Just remember yall, BAPE is ALOT more expensive than the Dickies i posted up in the last post. You have to be ballin to get this stuff. The authentic shit i mean cuz anybody can get fake BAPE.

118 Ima bathe in Bathing Ape one day

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