On: Thursday, March 13, 2008

I have a new pet. Its a Tiger Ameiva. I have always liked reptiles since I was a kid so it wasn't a surprise to anyone when I brought this little girl home. I wanted her cuz she's real active unlike other reptiles that sleep all day. Matter fact, when my guy Ish at the store was trying to pick him up from its little habitat it jumped from his hand and hid between the shelves lol I just got its tank today and I'm feeding it crickets and mealworms but its been 2 days and she still hasn't ate nothin. I named it Briana by the way.
Psycho Bri

Here go a funny story. I was flipping thru the dirt in her tank and i seen that one of the grasshoppers was dead and half of its body was missing. And both parts of his body were hidden under the dirt. This tells me that Briana killed the hopper and then got rid of the evidence!!! lol She a psychotic killer!!!

118 Briana also known as AKA Psycho Bri!!!

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