Aisha Tyler

On: Sunday, March 09, 2008

Aisha Tyler. This lady is funny as hell!!! And she's cute too. Too bad she's married lol Hi Demiera!!! I watched her stand up shows and a few of her guest appearances on different shows like CSI and Friends. She also hosted the Late Late Show for one day when Craig Kilborne [sp] was out. She used to host Talk Soup I dont know if yall remember that show. She was also on Twista's Slow Jamz video (the one dancing with Kanye). I didn't know she did stand up though. She's pretty good check her out.

Check out this video: Aisha Tyler: Couples

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Sydni Lux Presents said...

I like. I really am feeling your blog. P.S. Don't be mad because I think Aisha Tyler is funny too and I posting it on my blog.