118's Favorite Freestyle Thangs

On: Sunday, March 09, 2008

I feel like showing yall, the fans, some of my favorite things. Or "thangs." Without further adue!!!

118's favorite freestyle battle: Murda Mook vs Jae Millz

118's favorite rappers:
1. Lupe Fiasco, Cassidy - its a tie between these two man, real talk
3. Bump J - You know the Windy City has the rawest rap stars eva
4. Kanye - Another nigga from Chicago, this man needs no intro

118's role model:

118's favorite rap battle punchline:

"I'll run up on you while you rockin that bum ass shirt and put the pump to your stripes aight! Fuck it I might put the pump to your wife, like ma you choose its either drink cum or your life!" - Jae Millz to Murda Mook

118's favorite on the low websites:

Datpiff.com - mixtapes
HypeBeast.com - newest and hottest gear
EpicFu.com - internet culture

118's favorite mixtape:
Cassidy - 7-7-07

118's favorite sleepers (dont sleep on these niggas):
Cashis, Fabolous, Murda Mook, Jae Millz, Jin, Bump J

118 No no no you don't wanna see this fo'fo' blow

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