On: Friday, February 15, 2008

I felt i need to blog what went down yesterday at NIU. The Valentine's Day Massacre at Northern Illinois University. Bottom line, NIU Police could not have did a greater job. They were on the scene in about 2 minutes. Nobody can call tragedies like these, and to all of you who ask, why are there not any metal detectors??? YOU ARE A BUNCH OF IDIOTS. How in the world are we supposed to have metal detectors everywhere on a COLLEGE campus??? First of all, students carry metal with them ALL THE TIME, think, dorm keys??? YOU IDIOTS. So what you want students to leave their doors open all the time??? Second, we would all be late to class!!! What are yall thinking??? Its stupid to think that the security could have been better.

My friend Unnum was shot in the head. She's a hero now because she survived. We love you Unnum!!! Get well soon sweetheart. You're a trooper for real. Can't wait til you're back on your feet and at my house. OhDeez love you.

6 innocent people lost their lives because of this tragedy. Life is so short man and we don't realize it until shit like this goes down. I'm so happy to be alive. I'm so thankful for the air in my lungs. 6 of my fellow NIU Huskies can not say that anymore. And I can honestly say I am shaken by all of this. Who wouldn't be??? My school, out of all the schools in the WORLD. My school. Its crazy. Never again will I take another day for granted. Never again will I take anything for granted. The food that nourished me today. The love I made to my girlfriend last night. The hug I gave my mother when I saw her for the first time in 2 weeks. Never again.

118 I love you NIU

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