On: Monday, February 18, 2008

I was 2 SECONDS away from getting a dog. I seen the most BEAUTIFUL puppy i have ever seen in my life today. It was a Syberian Husky. It had aqua blue eyes that were so light that they were almost transparent. I feel in love with that puppy almost immediately. It took me an hour to make up my mind about getting him. I didn't know where i would keep it after i moved out the frat house because apartments dont allow pets, especially not the one me and 2 of my brothers are tryin to get. But like Demiera said, where theres a will theres a way and after all i had six months to figure something out. So i said fuck it. I filled out the application to finance the dog cuz it was $499.99 but after everything and everything i needed it would all end up being around $770. After interest also. So when they ran my info they said i was denied!!! For a bullshit ass reason. They said that i had too many financial obligations!!! I dont have ONE financial obligation!!! I was pissed. Demiera saw how bad i wanted that dog so she offered to put it on her name. My friend Celica ran her info and Demiera was denied immediately. I was determined to get that husky so i called my mom to see if she would let me put it under her name but she came up with all this stuff about how my grades would go down cuz a dog is alot of responsibility. Alot of responsibility for me??? I took care of Jessica AND her dog when she was living with me!!! Whatever. I called my cousin and she gave me her info. Celica ran it but me and Demiera were hungry so we went down the street to Subway (takes 15 minutes to check your credit). When we came back it was no surprise, denied. I was heartbroken. Celica said "i put it under my name and it denied me too." Keep in mind that Celica is a girl i hadn't seen in 3 years (high school friend). She just happened to work at PetLuv. She recognized me right away as i walked in the door lol That was so nice of her. She also saw how bad i wanted that dog. After being denied four times i just said to Demiera that we should go. I was completely heartbroken. I had already picked out a cage and a leash. I was already thinking about names for my puppy. Im so depressed right now.

I aint giving up just yet. I know my mom has awesome credit. Ima try my hardest to convince her to let me put it under her name. You just wait little Husky. Ima still try.

Maybe one day

2 comments on "Heartbroken"

Demiera said...

Don't worry baby, if I can't get you that husky I'm going to find one just like it and get it for you...

Just A Girl From L.A. said...

You can google siberian husky rescues to get a free one!