Happy New Years???

On: Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Years was crazy man!!! Me and Demiera could have been shot. Twice!!! We were in my car by her house and all of a sudden we heard gunshots REALLY close by. We both ducked and i tried not to crash into anything cuz it was also slippery as hell outside. That shit was scary cuz the shots were SO CLOSE!!! After we got out her neighborhood everything was cool but my mom did call me checking up on me cuz there were shots fired around my house too. I took Demiera to Mi Tierra which is like the most famous Mexican restaurant in Chicago. Its in the center of the hood so i was sort of nervous about that too but i grew up there so i wasnt too worried. The food was great, dinner was great. Here's a pic. You may have to brighten your screen up a little bit cuz it was kinda dark in that place.

118 Such a cutie!!!

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