Semester Is Over!!!

On: Saturday, December 15, 2007

Yea so you know ima start blogging ALOT more often.  Starting now.

Last night was Lincoln's birfday so you already know the OhDeez were gonna party.  It was actually a surprise party for Lincoln.  His ass had NO idea it was going on.  I was too doo-doo faced to take any pictures but i did take this one.


These are just some of the sweeties.  From left to right: Sabina (Damon's girl), Demiera (my girl), Jamie (Kevin's wifey), and "Flaca" (just met her yesterday, forgot her name (i was doo-doo faced remember lol), Braulio's girl).  By the way, notice the difference in races lol You got a hawaiian in Sabina, a black girl in Demiera, a white girl in Jamie, and a mexican girl in "Flaca" lol Multicultural just like their favorite boys in the world, The OhDeez.

118 Yea nigga

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