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On: Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm off for a month. Got so much time on my hands. Dont know what to do wit myself. I think ima beat a couple of video games i been wanting to beat. Ima catch up on my MySpace and ofcourse on my blog shit. Ima watch some movies, ima kick it wit some old friends. Ima watch alot more football and ima worry less about school. Speaking of football, stupid ass Bears lost today again. Man we need a quarterback!!! We need a quarterback every year. I'm tired of saying that. Why cant we find a quarterback thats atleast decent!!! The last decent quarterback we had played with us in the mid 80s!!! Jim McMahon. We dont even need a great quarterback. Just an ok one geez!!! Anyway, since ima be on the net alot more for the next month, make friends with me. Comment me, IM me, email me, add me on MySpace, do whatever. Here's the clickables.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketdabiz118
EMAIL ohdee.118@hotmail.com
TEXT ask me for the number

So choose whatever method you want to contact me wit and i'll hit you back sooner rather than later. Deuces

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