No Sleep

On: Saturday, December 22, 2007

I love taking naps during the day but sometimes i get carried away and sleep too damn much and then i cant sleep at night. I havent slept all night. Its 7:30 in the AM now. No sleep. And i aint tired. What have i been doin up??? Listening to Lupe's The Cool and watching videos on Youtube. Thats it. Blogging now. Cool night i guess. But i have a long day ahead of me so ima be dead by tonight. Don't know how ima get through it. Oh well, should be fun.

118 Ima put you to bed!!!

2 comments on "No Sleep"

lye said...

i sooooo can relate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn how do i reset my internal clock?! i tried to not nap during the day but i can't :( helo

lye said...

i meant "HELP!!" not helo. see. its now 8am in the morning. still not sleepy. i wanna cry!! :```(