I Met Lupe Fiasco

On: Thursday, December 20, 2007

I was on MySpace yesterday like always and i seen that Lupe had posted a couple bulletins so i checked them out. They said that he was going to be at The Bassment up on the northside promoting his album n whatnot. So i was like hell yea ima go. So i went and i was looking for the place and i seen a long ass line so i figured thats where he was at. I went around like about 4 or 5 times cuz there was no parking anywhere. Finally i parked like 3 blocks down. When i was walking towards where the line was a fight broke out and this Mexican dude got his ass kicked all over the street in the middle of the street by these other Mexican dudes. I mean they were actually fighting in the middle of the street while traffic was tryin to get thru. They stopped traffic n shit. His face was busted open and bleeding like crazy after the fight was done. Nobody even tried to stop the fight lol While i was in line i met a few people, talked to a couple people but mostly i was on the phone with my girl. Took an hour and a half for me to get into the building lol but when i did and i got to Lupe i was startruck man foreal!!! I didnt know what to say to the guy!!! It was Lupe Fiasco, who in my eyes is the biggest star in the world and i was right in front of him!!! I wish i had took a picture, i wasnt thinking. I knew what i wanted to talk to him about but when i actually saw him i was like, fuck i forgot what i wanted to say!!! lol Finally i remembered what i wanted to ask him while he was signing my Lupe albums. I asked him what the symbols on the cover of The Cool stood for. He told me but i aint tellin nobody. Its a secret. I met Lupe Fiasco. I met Lupe Fiasco. I met Lupe Fiasco. I met Lupe Fiasco. I met Lupe Fiasco. I met Lupe Fiasco. I met Lupe Fiasco. I cant believe it. It still hasnt hit me.

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