I Met Her Momma

On: Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I got a text from Demiera this morning saying to come over her house cuz her mom and her were cooking dinner for me tonight. She said we were having short ribs, baked macaroni and cheese, fresh string beans, corn bread, and red kool aid. I was like cool sounds good. I was a little nervous tho cuz i had to meet her mom, her grandmama, and her mommas boyfriend. Turned out pretty good tho i liked them all and the food was delicious. I even brought her momma a Christmas gift, some Ruby Rey lol Man her momma must have really liked me cuz she was giving me hugs and holding my hand whenever we walked somewhere and her dog wouldnt stop tryin to play with me and Demiera was shocked when her dog let me pick him up. Demiera got a really nice house and a beautiful living room. Looking forward to spending more time there from now on. Deuces!!!

Oh yea. Demiera took this pic with her phone. Thats me and her doggies Ceasar. That doggies is mean as hell yo but he was nice for a minute. He was nice for the picture. That nigga luv da camera.

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