Christmas Sucks

On: Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas was ok i guess. Nothing compared to what it used to be in the past. What was once the biggest holiday tradition in our family is now a joke. Only a few of us care enough to get together for the holidays. Everybody is either doing their own thing or beefing. This Christmas we attempted to get together like old times. We even celebrated it a couple days earlier to maek sure everyone made it. Same people that always show up to everything were the ones that showed up. Even Melanie wasnt here, she went to Mexico on vacation. There was ONE highlight tho. I had Demiera come over and meet the fam. Everything went well, everybody liked her and thought she was real pretty (and hispanic lol). It was ok i guess. Kind of boring cuz nobody had anything to talk about since we didnt really hang out together as a family during the year. Oh yea, everybody is grown now. WTF!!! No little kids runnin around. This CANNOT be Christmas.

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