Why Is She So Gorgeous!!!

On: Saturday, November 10, 2007

I cant get over how gorgeous Dominique is. I have been thinking the same thing of this girl since we were just kids. I met her when she was only 12 and i was 14. Since that day i first seen her i knew i wanted her. She was just so freaking gorgeous to me and to this day i still think she's probably the closest thing to perfection i have ever seen with my own eyes. She is the meaning of the word sexy to me. Dominique geez!!! Its not even right how beautiful and sexy you are.

118 I love you Dominique

4 comments on "Why Is She So Gorgeous!!!"

Zawadi Equiano said...

dropped by to see what u have been up to. hmm I smell a love bug in this place... :)

One Eighteen said...

hahaha not even close


Rozzy =] said...

She looks like a hot mess. Im glad you see past that though. =]

One Eighteen said...

she looks like a hot ass hot mess though. when a girl can look good in some raggedy clothes, thats when you know she has to look extra good in nice clothes. i seen her in both