B.A.R.S. In Stores Now

On: Saturday, November 10, 2007

I do have a few things that i want to blog. POSITIVE things lol First up...

Yall know how much i love Cassidy. B.A.R.S. was finally released on November 6th and i can honestly tell you that its probably the best album thats coming out this year. It is so good that it is ALREADY one of my all time favorite albums. Every single song on this album is hot and my absolute favorite song on it is Damn I Miss the Game. Other super highlights are Cash Rulez (ft. Bone Thugs) and Leanin on the Lord. Ofcourse you cant forget Drink n My Two Step and also the Intro (which is the Hustler vs B.A.R.S.). The album is sick man. Go get yourself a copy. If you only buy one album this year, i suggest you make this one that album.

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