So Sick

On: Thursday, October 11, 2007

I am SO sick right now. This is the worst time to be sick. This could not have came at a worse time!!! Tonight is our first homecoming party of the week and im sick!!! Sick as hell!!! I got a real bad cold and i feel dizzy. What a great time to be sick. I have a paper due tomorrow that i havent started and an accounting exam tomorrow also. My eyes are so swollen and red that last night my brothers asked me if i was high. I dont feel good. I can hear my lungs weeze when i breathe in deep, thats how sick i am. And im cold, its so cold in here. You know what else??? I knew i was gonna get sick cuz i was sitting in class Tuesday and the guy behind me was sick as hell. He kept coughing and sniffling and i knew i was gonna catch it. Fuck!!! I should have got up and went to another seat. Now im sick as hell. I want to go to sleep. Im super tired. Good thing my fridge is full of Monster and Redbull (thanks big bro). Leave me comments. Bye

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Guilty Secret said...

Ok, I nearly didn't leave you a comment, because no-one likes a beggar! But, seeing as you're sick...


Ugh, you reminded me of people who write 'tb' at the end of their text messages. Man, that's annoying!

Get some painkillers and drink some tea and you'll be fine. You don't need redbull!