My Neighbor Is a Playboy Bunny

On: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 next door neighbor from freshman year in the dorms is about to be on Playboy. Isnt that crazy!!! lol Her name is Magen Lugo. I guess she was one of the finalist in a recent Playboy amateur contest and she did or is doing really great. Sirius Playboy radio interviewed her yesterday at noon and things are looking good for her. Here is a picture of her and underneath the pics is a link to her facebook group so that you can support her getting into Playboy. And yes she is HOT!!! I lived next door to the girl for a whole year so you know ima support.

2 comments on "My Neighbor Is a Playboy Bunny"

Guilty Secret said...

She's your neighbour? Wow, you're in luck, boy!

One Eighteen said...

she WAS my neighbor freshman year...i always run into her