My Mayonnaise!!!

On: Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I got 20 minutes til my next class...

As i was getting ready for class this morning our power went out. I didnt think nothing of it cuz we're always blowing fuses (Sucio has like 3 fridges and 2 A/Cs in his room lol). So im walking down the stairs and i step out the door and i see the ComEd van leaving our driveway and i was like, FUCK!!! They cut our electricity!!! I couldn't do nothing about it so i ept walking to my 10 o'clock but then i remembered i had gone to Walmart last night and filled up my fridge full of food that would spoil if the fridge was off. I was like hell naw!!! So i turned around and ran an extension cord from downstairs up to my room on the second floor so that i could ATLEAST power my fridge cuz i spent like 100 dollars on groceries yesterday!!! There's no way that i was letting that food spoil. And for once i got healthy stuff cuz im tryin to lose a few pounds to get in shape for our football season that starts next week. Can't defend our championship if im not in shape. Ok time to go to class, peace!!!

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