On: Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jamelah Johnson is gonna be at my birthday party...yes!!! She is SOOO getting wristbanded at the party lol Ok now this is just a small world foreal. Jamelah came to NIU. Out of all the schools in Illinois she came to MY school. I had no freaking idea!!! Even while i was with Jessica, i was checking out Jamelah, i never had any intentions with her i just thought she was cute. I would never cheat on Jessica with anyone but ofcourse i could look lol

I was talking to her today and she is definitely coming to my party. Man on man if Jessica heard about this she would be SO pissed lol They went to school together and Jessica was perfectly aware of how cute i thought Jamelah was. I never kept secrets from Jessica, ofcourse i still think Jessica is alot hotter but Jamelah is pretty hot too

118 I love dancers

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