Finally!!! Football Is Back

On: Saturday, September 08, 2007

Looks like we're finally going to paint the fence in front of our house today. It hasnt been painted in years!!! We're getting ready to do it now while im over here blogging lol Oh and today is the NIU vs SIU football game here at Huskie Stadium. Its at 6:30 PM so me and my brothers are going to start tailgating at 4PM. Tailgating is the most fun thing you can do. Everybody is barbecuing and playing football games, dancing, juking, drinking, the NIU marching band stops by and plays for us, the NIU basketball team usually kicks it at our spot. Its alot of fun. Last year Rockstar Energy came by with a big ass stupid truck and tossed Rockstars at everybody that was tailgating. Lots of random shit happens. And then ofcourse is the actual football game (my favorite part). Everybody is in red and chanting out our battle cries and doing the routine shit we do in the stands. Its too much fun!!! BTW, two nights ago Redbull came by Greek Row handing out hundreds of Redbulls to all the Greeks. I got like 20 of them bitches lol Back to tailgating. I'll take pictures for you.

118 Lets Go Huskies!!!

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