On: Monday, September 10, 2007

One of my favorite rap verses of ALL TIME...

Ayo I smash-mouth a whole ounce, of that sticky
Wash my hands under a gold spout, when feelin icky
Let go off in a ho's mouth, I ain't picky
Start frontin when the shows out - whatchu mean?!
Twenty inches when they roll ouuuuuuut - come and get me
Big faces when they fold ouuuuuuut - is you wit me?
Don't make me pull that fo'-fo' ouuuuuuut
I keep it closer when the dough ouuuuuuut
Then I slide up in the Escalade
Me and E gettin solid like the Ice Capades
And me and Heezy - frosty, Roger the Rabbit and Bugsy
You understand me, wrapped wrists like mummies
If you compare me to your local grocery
Then you'll see I got more karats than "Aisle D"
More bread than "Aisle G", you can bag and scan me
Sure like Al B., meet the 'Tics in Maui, HEY!

118 Dont be scared boo go head n ask me!!!

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