On: Saturday, September 29, 2007

I never knew how many people out there were into blogging as much as i am!!! BlogCatalog is awesome. Everybody on there loves to blog and it seems like they all know each other. A "Blog Community" n shit lol But ofcourse my all time favorite blogger is Ronsonet lol Hey girl!!! You should hop on this blog community stuff, its pretty nerdy but im a nerd anyway so it works.

118 I am not alone

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cardiogirl said...

Hey 118,

I, too, belong to BlogCatalog. Isn't it funny how you can always find like-minded people on the internet?

I haven't ever seen a widget like that before from BlogCatalog (with the current discussions.) That's cool!

Welcome to the community!

AntiBarbie said...

Yeah BC is a great place to hang out with others that are serious about blogging. Nice to meet ya! Hope to see you around.

Jack Payne said...

I always gravitate toward anybody from my old stomping grounds, Chicago. Especially since you are a biz major. I write on con men, and touch about every corner of business. And my last book, Six Hours Past Thursday, is in most of the College and University libraries in the Chicago area, including law libraries. Check it out sometime.

Marenda.Biz said...

when I stumbled on Blogcatalog I fell in love too :) Glad you are part of the community :)