About Last Night

On: Friday, September 28, 2007

Alright, so about last night. The big storyline last night was Ronsonet. The girl came down here all the way from Gurnee JUST to kick it with me. Wanna know how i know she came down JUST for me??? Not once did she leave my side the whole night. Given, she was in an unfamiliar place and what not but she didn't come alone, she came with her friend Keisha who parties at OhDeez all the time, well atleast when she was a student here at NIU. So when Ronsonet got to the frat house, her friend asked her if she would rather come with her to get her friend Jeanie or if she wanted to stay BY HERSELF with me. She chose to stay with me. She had told me earlier in the day that she was going to be hungry when she got to Dekalb so when she got to the frat house i asked Carlitos to get her some pizza, i gave him my credit card and told him what she wanted. I introduced Ronsonet to some of my brothers while we were chillin n sitting on the fence talkin about OhDee Assasin (our version of tag). Anyway, when Carlitos came back with the food we went up to my room and ate. At 9 i had to go start my shift down at the bar. Ronsonet stayed with me the whole time, she didnt even care about the party really, the most she must have done was GLANCE at it. She for the most part just kept her attention on me. I let her come behind the bar even tho it was against our rules but i said fuck it and let her come inside. No harm done. Haha she pretty much kept the girls off of me the whole night just by standing there. I guess they thought she was my girlfriend or something but no girls asked. I usually have a bunch of white girls tryin to talk to me and alot of female friends that i invite usually crowd the bar but not last night lol After i was done with the bar me and Roz went upstairs to my room and i let her chill for a little bit. Ashley called me sayin she and her friend was outside so i went to get them and we came upstairs. Ashley met Ronsonet and then Katie came by and they all met and then Keisha showed and THEY all met lol I got them all drinks so we went out on the front fence and hung out there. The party was way too crowded so it was a good idea. None of us were trying to hook up with nobody so there wasnt a problem wit nobody hangin out out on the fence. Long story short; Ronsonet is small, she drank a little too much for her own weight and she got a little sick but she did get better later on at night. Did anything happen while we were in bed??? Haha Read previous post "Wow"

What did people think of her??? Let's put it this way. At one point we were downstairs in the living room (after everybody had been kicked out, so only the people with wristbands were there) and i was sitting next to Ronsonet. I get up for a second to talk to Aaron and almost immediately this black guy swoops in and starts talking to Ronsonet lol Funny cuz he probably thought he was gonna get somewhere lol The girl is small but god damn she is cute and sexy as hell to me. I'm feelin this girl

118 Yes, sparks flew lol

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